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People gathered around the bed of a loved one who is dying.

Innovative Models and Approaches for Palliative Care

Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care was a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation dedicated to long-term changes to improve health care for dying people and their families. Through the work of innovative demonstration projects and national workgroups we strived to address particular challenges to existing models of hospice and palliative care. The Promoting Excellence project was a time-limited project and no longer operates. The results of our work are archived by Growth House, Inc. for the ongoing benefit of the field.

Promoting Excellence Tools
Clinical Care Tools
Advance Care Planning, Clinical Assessment, Bereavement, Pain Management, Psychosocial...
Evaluation Tools
Clinical Quality, Community Assessment, Cost Utilization, Education, Organizational, Programmatic...
Educational Tools
Clinician Education, Community Education, Patient/Family Education.
Organizational Tools
Enrollment Criteria, Informed Consent, Organizational Assessment...
Key Clinical Assessment and Research Tools
A collection of published and validated palliative care tools
NPO Products
Articles, Audio/Visual, Books, Monographs, Reports...
Grantees (Demonstration Projects)
Innovative projects of national significance in the field of palliative care
National Workgroups
ALS, ChIPPS, Cost Accounting, ESRD, Huntington's Disease, HIV/AIDS, Surgeons...
Articles, Audio/Visual, Books, Chapters, Reports...
Recommendations & Reports
ALS, Cancer, Cost Accounting, ESRD, Financial Implications, HIV Care, Huntington's Disease...
Special Initiatives
NHPCO Conference Learning Tracks
Journal of Palliative Medicine Special Series

Target audience for
  • the palliative care, hospice and end-of-life health care community including clinicians and researchers (the primary audience)
  • the extended health care community (clinicians, administrators, providers, funders)
  • grantees and peer workgroup participants (the internal audience)
  • the general public

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