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This collection of tools used in Palliative Care was compiled based on requests received by the Promoting Excellence program over the last few years. These are tools that are in use in the field and that have proved useful to clinicians and/or researchers.

The primary goal of this collection is to make it easy for providers and researchers to view tools that they might want to adopt. The collection is focused on instruments that can be viewed in their entirety on the Internet, either at this site or at sites we can link to. For certain tools, you may be asked to “register” your interest before viewing, and for some, you may need to obtain permission before using the tools in your work. Please comply with all requirements for use of the tools and respect the copyright and intellectual property rights of the authors.

A secondary goal is to facilitate access to instruments even if authors prefer not to post them on the web. For these tools, designated “Information Only”, we provide the information or a link to a website with the information on how to obtain the instrument.

We want to expand this collection and welcome your suggestions for tools to add to this site. The criteria for measures to be added include:

We made a good faith effort to contact the authors of all posted instruments. In some cases, we could not locate, or did not get a response from an author.

Accessing the Tools: Two tables of contents lists are provided to help you locate tools of interest.

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