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Care Givers

NOTE: Some listings include a link to a related Promoting Excellence demonstration project.

See also:
* HIV Care: An Agenda for Change: HIV/AIDS Workgroup Recommendations to the Field – Appendix D.
* Completing the Continuum of ALS Care, Appendix B
  · Psychosocial Care, Bereavement, Spirituality,
  · Caregivers and Quality of Life

Family Members

Indian Elder Caregiver – Newsletter of the New Mexico Geriatric Education Center, Albuquerque, NM: Quarterly issues
(University of New Mexico)


Patient/Family Education

Rabetoy CP and Cohen LM. “Integrating Palliative Care into Dialysis Treatment: An American Perspective.” In Towards a Closer Understanding: A Psycho/Social Handbook For All Renal Care Workers, Dingwall RR (ed.). Luzern, Switzerland: EDTNA/ERCA Postfach 3052, 2003.
(Baystate Medical Center)



Ashford R. “Personal Reflections of a Palliative Care Volunteer.” Innovations in End of Life Care, September 2001.
(Cooper Green Hospital/Balm of Gilead)

Rabow MW, Petersen JA, Schanche K. “Volunteer Patient Advocacy: An Interdisciplinary Course on Attending to Patients at the End of Life.” Journal of Palliative Medicine, 5: 754-755, 2002.
(University of California – San Francisco)

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Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care was a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation dedicated to long-term changes in health care institutions to substantially improve care for dying people and their families.