Promoting Excellence : HIV Care: An Agenda for Change : Beyond the U.S.

This document is intended for use in the United States and focuses on pertinent action plans for health service delivery, funding mechanisms and public policy in the U.S. Recommendations regarding palliative care remain applicable in resource-poor settings where home-based care and the relief of significant symptoms such as pain may be the only treatment available for people with HIV/AIDS.

In the year 2003, much attention turned to the growth of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in resource-constrained countries. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Department of Defense (DOD) and HRSA are all responding to the epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean in different ways. A Global AIDS Fund has been established from private, public and government donations to promote care and treatment while continuing prevention efforts. HRSA, as the primary funding agency for indigent care in this country, is accustomed to working with vulnerable populations and is asserting leadership in delivering comprehensive care, including palliative care, as part of this effort.

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