Promoting Excellence : ESRD Table of Contents : ESRD Workgroup Membership

(See Appendix A for contact information.)

Alvin H. Moss, MD (Chair, ESRD Workgroup)

Barbara Campbell, MSW (Quality of Dying Subgroup)

Lewis M. Cohen, MD (Quality of Dying Subgroup)

William R. Coleman, Esq. (Quality of Dying Subgroup)

Helen Danko, RN, CNN (Quality of Life Subgroup)

Richard Dart, MD (Education Subgroup)

Lesley Dinwiddie, MSN, RN (Quality of Dying Subgroup)

Michael Germain, MD (Chair, Education Subgroup)

Cathy Greenquist, RN (Quality of Life Subgroup)

Jean Holley, MD (Education Subgroup)

Paul Kimmel, MD (Quality of Life Subgroup)

Karren King, MSW (Quality of Dying Subgroup)

Jenny Kitsen (Education Subgroup)

Lori Lambert, MS, RD, CDE (Quality of Life Subgroup)

John E. Leggat, Jr., MD (Quality of Life Subgroup)

Sharon McCarthy, RN, FNP (Quality of Life Subgroup)

John Newmann, PhD, MPH (Chair, Quality of Life Subgroup)

Marilyn Pattison, MD (Education Subgroup)

Erica Perry, MSW (Education Subgroup)

Susan Pfettscher, DNSc, RN (Quality of Life Subgroup)

David Poppel, MD (Chair, Quality of Dying Subgroup)

Mohammed Abed Sekkarie, MD (Education Subgroup)

Dale Singer, MHA (Renal Physicians Association Liaison)

Richard Swartz, MD (Education Subgroup)

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Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care is a National Program Office of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation dedicated to long-term changes in health care institutions to substantially improve care for dying persons and their families. Visit for more resources.

Promoting Excellence